DOF (Dissolved Ozone Flotation) Technology

What is DOF?

DOF (Dissolved Ozone Flotation) technology is united single process combining ozone oxidation and DAF (Dissolved Air Flotation). Ozone, strong oxidant, is utilized instead of air used in DAF. Ozone removes organic contaminants (COD), color, and odor as well as disinfection. Also suspended solids, turbidity and phosphorus are removed by flotation.

The Solution DOF

Theoretical Background of DOF Over Saturated Ozone is Extracted in the Form of Micro Bubbles

Benefits of DOF

  • Conventional multi step procedure is replacedby single DOF unit
    • Construction Cost Reduced to 1/3
  • Compact procedure allowing minimization of required space
    • Required space/footprint reduced to 10%
  • Faster treatment speed (7-8 Hours required to treat one unit of contaminated water VS 20 minutes for DOF)
    • Minimize Operating Expense